Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sa weet!

sweet! I have a "follower". I feel like I'm somebody :) I was also recently cited in another Blog too. I feel all warm inside :)

But not to sound like I blog for the attention....I primarily blog to vent, rant, have a voice, and get the truth out there.

But I have to admit that it is nice to know that someone is reading this.

Thanks to all that check in. You are all ladies, gentlemen and scholars of such magnitude that surely compliments your good looks and friendly manners.


  1. Rich, you and I blog for the same reason, and it's the same reason I'm willing to bet most of us blog. To be honest, my wife got tired of listening to me try to talk politics to her, so she suggested I find an outlet...and thus my blog was born.

  2. Sometimes it seems like I'm preaching to the choir; that the ones that are listening already get it. Which seems somewhat....unproductive.

    And then other times I feel like I'm merely poking bears in the eyes: Not only unproductive, but potentially making things worse.

    However, I must admit that I did learn from dkos and other liberal sites how offensive social conservativism can be. And that has given me the gumption to call out the intolerance when I see it, so in that regard at least one small bit of (dare I say it) "Progress" has taken place.

    But I doubt that I've changed one progressive mind; nor even made one progressive think, "Huh, maybe he has an itty bitty point." That nut seems pretty difficult to crack.