Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Congrats to the Victors

Congrats to Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, Tony Evers (DPI Sup), Chad Kerkman (Judge, Kenosha County Circuit Court) and Clyde Allen (Village of PP Trustee).

It seems to me that mostly incumbents won.

What does it take to defeat an incumbent? Perhaps it's tarnish. As in the CDO mess at KUSD.
I see that Carl Bryan, Pam Stevens, and Mary Snyder defeated Mark Hujik and Eric Olson for School Board.

Again, congrats to the victors.

Now let's get some things done!


  1. You missed three big ones. Congratulations are also in order to WEAC, the trial lawyers, and the Potawatomi for funding Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson so generously . It’s not often we see a parent company invest so much money in a child organization here in Wisconsin. Usually we see Wisconsin enterprises move operations to more business friendly states, but these entities chose to pour money into Justice Abrahamson so she could out spend the competition 20 to 1. I’m sure that their subsidiary will continue to churn out big profits for them at the expense of their competitors (Justice, Freedom, the Law, stuff like that). :)

  2. Yes she does prove that incumbents that outspend their opponents are very tough.

  3. Nemo, and how is those groups pumping money into Abrahamson's campaign any different than WMC and other right-leaning organizations throwing scads of money into defeating Louis Butler during the last election cycle? Were you as upset then as you are now, or was the situation different because you got the preferred outcome?

  4. I'm not upset by money. In fact I like money.

    I just like admitting that this race was lop-sided. Just a fact.

    Incumbent plus money = likely success. <== ok, that one is opinion.

  5. Zack, the difference: 20 to 1, but I'm not upset or complaining, just congratulating the victors. Loophole Louie had far more resources than did Abrahamson's opponent and the left was in full scream about it when he went down. For months as I recall. Why aren't you now? Here's a hint, it rhymes with Kleptocracy (sort of, good word though). :)