Monday, April 6, 2009


I see no real debate at It's more like real mud slinging.

I see little (I admitt there is some) "COEXIST"ing at Most liberal/progressive blogs.

I see wayyy too much name calling on conservative blogs.

If it's all a bunch of partisan name-calling, finger-pointing and playing "gotcha", there seems to be no point to it.

Has anyone else felt similarly?


  1. I have felt similarly, but I must admit that I've found myself sucked into the mudslinging from time to time. I've tried to get better about it, and hopefully I've succeeded.

    You're right though; there's not much "real debate" going on over at Fred's place.

  2. Sir, you are a breath of fresh air in all of this.

    It just seems that what passes for debate is merely a war of attrition, that if I type more words eventually the other side will give up, that if I just SHOUT louder and more often then the otherside may give in.

    That's not debate, actually it resembles bullying. And I feel all icky when I feel I'm participating in it.

  3. The point, to me anyway, is to try to change minds. Failing that, at least reduce the echo chamber-y-ness and make known that other opinions may exist (and be logically consistent). Failing that, well, at least it can be funny. Getting censored by a progressive blog for, among other things, questioning their commitment to free speech cracks me up to this day.

  4. Nemo, good to see your name :)

    Yes, changing minds; ah what a noble cause. But I often feel like I did when I inserted facts and logic into converstaions with my ex-wife,,,um that didn't work so well. Too much emotions and she didn't seem to wanna hear it.

    I too see the humor in alleged progressive blogs that (IMHO) openly discriminate. dkos was the worst. I only lasted maybe five days there. Just too much negativity.

    But I have to admit that a blog without namecalling, finger pointing and negativity is nearly an empty page.

  5. Fred is a Very Bitter Man!!!!

    Actually think about it,
    Fred, Owen, Kevin Fischer, Randy From Cudahy, Kevin from DC, Wiggy.....

    All older, Overweight White Guys!!!
    Looks like a GOP Convention
    Now i see why they have similar views on life!!!

  6. Any mouse,

    I've run into my fair share of apparently somewhat bitter "young" progresive men (and women too).

    Conservatives and the GOP do not have a monopoly on bitterness.