Thursday, July 9, 2009

Independents edge away from Obama;_ylt=Ah3mcpveNM8UWHDIBL_LqT4DW7oF

"...a source of the shift appears to be independent voters, who seem to be responding to...complaints of excessive spending and government control."

No Duh.

But...what happened to "I am my brother's keeper & Yes we can......and, Hope & Change"??? Yup, nuttin but fluff, hot air, balloon juice, soup coolin spray, and echo parts........

Now they see reality is the excessive spending and expanse of government! Ooops too late. Now all we can do is HOPE it works.

Promises Already Broken

"The health care bill is a long way from Obama's desk, but tax experts say the debate illustrates a stark reality: It is simply implausible for the vast majority of Americans to get a free ride while the nation tackles such an incredibly difficult — and expensive — issue.";_ylt=AjBxR76rXQLKWXQZu_Yets8DW7oF

Is the US Government going into the health care business Constitutional? I doubt it.

Will it work? I doubt it. Without a profit incentive, it will be as efficient and effective as the rest of Government.

And who will pay for it? We all will. Um, Mr. President, please don't make me pay for something that the Federal Government shouldn't be doing and that won't work.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Openess? and Transparency?

Is this really an open and transparent Presidency? or are they really just using their mandate for every ounce of political power that they can drain from it?

Hat Tip: Blonde Sagacity