Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hope and Change

It seems to me that when you are selling Hope and Change, you must also have some oppostition to point down at. It's a take on the politics of fear. Because with no doom and gloom, there's less need for hope and change.

But I could be wrong. There may be other even better explanations for why the left incessantly slings mud at straw men.


  1. You're probably more right than not. I heard it said that there are 2 ways to raise money is this world - doom & gloom or health & wealth. If you're anywhere in the middle no one pays attention.

  2. What are you talking about? I don't see any links or reference to anything specific.
    You can't possibly be saying that the conservative right wing does not sling mud, can you?
    Because I send you about a million examples of big wads of mud being lobbed to the left from the right.

    That whole fear thing didn't start with the left. It started long ago and has been massaged and sculpted into an artform by the likes of Karl Rove and before that his idol, Lee Atwater. And before him came a long list starting at the beginning of the age of recorded history where fear was used to control people. Fear and denying them information (education).

  3. "What are you talking about?"

    I'm talking about the hyperbole of blaming the GOP for everything bad. They really are NOT that omnipotent. i.e. Blaimng the GOP for Peanut butter deaths: that can only be mudslinging; there's no other benefit.

    I'm also talking about the recent revival of probes into interrogation techniques that are indeed harsh, but no harsher than what we do to our own troops: they are not illegal, so what's really going on here can only be mudslinging; there's no other benefit.

    Those were the inspiration for this post, but there may be others.

    No I am NOT saying that the right doesn't sling mud. And if you spot it, I will help you call them out on it!