Friday, May 22, 2009

Gotta gotta gotta read the comments

Please please please click the link and scroll all of the way down to the comments section.

It's soooo worth it.

H/T: Gary's facebook page :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That's what I'm talking about :)

"We have turned the corner. No more looking in the rearview mirror. From this point forward, we will focus all of our energies on winning the future."

"He also was opposing a resolution _ whose final wording hadn't yet been set but was expected for a vote Wednesday _ in which Republicans would rename the Democratic Party as a "Nationalist Socialist Democrat" party. Steele and others said the party should focus its efforts elsewhere."

"I think it's stupid," Florida GOP Chairman James Greer said of the name resolution. "These are trying times. We need to be serious."

"Steele said the GOP will take on Obama with class and dignity, unlike the "shabby and classless way" Democrats took on Bush."

"The test of the sincerity of the chairman's words will be if he and the other GOP leaders stand up to the fringe elements of their party," Sevugan said. "Unfortunately, they have shown no willingness to do so."

Maybe they read my blog :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm a Quitter!;_ylt=Av6BphkfZ26AEmjy5DJ4O14DW7oF

Reading this article reminded me of when I learned that quitting is not always the weak thing to do.

Here's the story: One summer my Dad was trying to teach my cousins (they were about 12 and 13 yo) how to water ski. But they'd quickly wobble and fall and they'd seem to give up way too easy. After my dad got very frustrated by this, it had now become my turn. I was only ten years old. If the older boys couldn't do it, then how the heck could I? But I did not want to let my Dad down.

As he handed me the tow rope, he said, "Whatever you do, don't let go." Those words were etched in my mind. So I gave that tow rope my best death-grip; I nodded to the boat and away we went. I was up :)

But about 30 feet latter I began to wobble to and fro and eventually I fell. But for some strange reason I still had my death grip, and I had some misguided hope that I'd pop out of the water on my skis if I would just hold on tight and not let go.

But then it soon became hard to breath, and then I felt seaweed on my face, and then a rock or two on my hands and forarms, and then I realized, "This is stupid." So I let go. I quit.

Ok, I'm wasn't that bright (I was ten). But I'm often still just as determined and I hold on way tooooo long.

The moral of the story for me, is that sometimes it's ok to let go (aka quit).

So I don't blame Shanna Moakler one bit for stepping down from the Miss CA pageant.

........but i could be wrong. i often am.

I’m a Hypocrite!

I can admit it. I’m occasionally hypocritical. And here’s one more time: This attempt at petty name calling by the GOP is just wrong (i.e. labeling the Dems as "Democratic-Socialists"). It’s not productive. It will backfire. It’s just petty na-na-na-boo-boo stuff.

Instead we need to look internally, and not point fingers at the opposition. (Not only hypocritical, but also ironic in that I’m pointing fingers at people that are pointing fingers. Wow, that’s heavy.)

We should take a personal responsibility approach and not blame the voters for being sheep. We should be looking at building bridges not only within the party, but also with Independents and Moderates.

Name calling is not the answer. Heck I make fun of that with the name of this blog. Name calling rarely results in anything productive. We need to rise above it.

Darn poopy-heads :(

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Government Run Health Care

I'm routinely convinced that logic and facts rarely prevail when confronted by pure emotions.
This health care debate seems to be another prime example.

It seems to me that logic such as government inefficiency, '02 and '03 satisfaction surveys, and further degradation toward a complete welfare state; are as beneficial as telling your wife, "No dear the jeans don't make you look fat, it's your fat that makes you look fat." I'm certain that facts won't benefit anyone in a situation like that.

So, it seems to me that all we are doing is angering the opposition when we highlight facts and logic. Sad, but true.

Perhaps we need an emotional response that resembles, "Dear you'd look beautiful to me in a potato sack". Maybe something like, "Yes government run health care can help allotta people and that's good, But let's not throw out the incentive for medical advances that the world reaps from OUR current system."

The impact on the emotions of OUR medical advances that save LIVES, just may be what the public needs to hear. How much incentive will there be with a single payer, Universal system?
Do you want to bet your pancreas on it?

But I could be wrong. I often am.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pres Obama seeks to block release of abuse photos;_ylt=AhXoVudErXuAK5VXaoelrcUDW7oF

So now he gets it....

...well I suppose it's better late than never.

Village News

I like seeing business thrive and grow.

For those that don't like this particular type of business and call it names: There are rules and procedures for ordinance violations and license infractions. So if this or ANY business falls below set standards, then and only then would you have a point.

Until that happens, let's support business in our community.

But I could be wrong. I often am.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama wants to see 5,000 failing schools close;_ylt=ArugsIfVw7JyA.I1oUFLtueyFz4D

"The administration's goal is for the lowest-performing 1,000 schools — about 1 percent of schools nationwide — to close and reopen each year for the next five years."

I've said it before, I'll say it again: If we keep doing what we've been doing, we'll keep getting what we've been getting. i.e. something has gotta change.

Change...drastic change like closing schools and reopening them just might work.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Change Bank

Who remembers the SNL skit/parody, "The Change Bank"?

It was a parody of banking service commercials. But it was a bank that ONLY makes change. At the end, the bank rep asks, "Everyone asks How are we able to be successful?" ..... "Volume."

It's ridiculous. Funny, but ridiculous. Click the link above to watch it.

The reason I bring it up is becuase it is just as ridiculous as wealth redistribution magically being able to multiply wealth by merely dividing it. Just ridiculous.

WI Legislature Takes Up Statewide Smoking Ban

I'm perplexed.

If we can have public indoor gun ranges; that with heavy controls operate quite safely regardless of all of the liability and inherent dangers of immediate death by GSW and the associated lead and sound abatement issues,,,,then how come we can't have legal places for smokers to do their thing indoors? Just regulate it. Tax it to pay for enforcement. But don't BAN it. C'mon, this is a free country.

I say if we can pop off a cap indoors in a regulated controlled designated place, then why not a cigarette? in it's own restricted space?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.

"If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention." I guess it’s been a few years since I first saw that bumper sticker. At the time I was offended by it because I was NOT outraged (then), but I knew that I read the news and listened to NPR regularly, so I knew I was paying attention. Yet someone was implying that I was ignorant of the facts or something.

Regardless, I was offended.

Now that I’m in the minority and spending and deficits are at record levels with no restraint in sight, bashing of the rich is a common theme; taxes are set to stifle businesses, harsh interrogation techniques are being called illegal, and socialized health care looms large on the horizon, it’s now that I FEEL that “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.” (I kinda feel all whack-a-doodle, like up is down and down is up.)

However, I can admit that my FEELINGs are likely offensive. I can admit that many folks that advocate record spending, wealth redistribution, higher taxes on businesses, playing politics with security policy, and socialized health care… indeed ARE paying attention and we merely have differences of opinion. I’m certain that we all want a vibrant economy, justice, and security, but we just disagree on how to achieve them.

Yes I now FEEL outraged. And, Yes I’m perplexed by those that aren’t also outraged. But they have every right to their unique opinions.

So you won’t see me with a new bumper sticker anytime soon, because I’d hate to offend anyone. That just wouldn’t be productive.

But I could be wrong. I often am.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tax increases approved to pay for rail projects

"You want to keep the city of Milwaukee in the dark ages," said Rep. Pedro Colon, D-Milwaukee, to Republicans who criticized the rail proposals.

LOL, he may as well have said, "You guys are poopy heads...."

But seriously, I live in Pleasant Prairie and work in Downtown Milwaukee. I would love to use a train that could save me gas and money, where I could relax and read or blog. So why not modify the Amtrak for that? All we need to do that is to have the current Amtrak stop in PP or Kenosha. I bet me, my dad, and a couple buddies could build a train station for a cool $10M to $20million or about 10% of what the KRM would cost.

I just don't get why we don't just make the Amtrak stop out by the PP Rec Plex or thereabouts. Seems like a low cost solution that solves the problem.

But I must obviously be missing something.

Maine Senate passes same-sex marriage bill;_ylt=Ao1kqAo4CkfYdS.HhRAWuIADW7oF

Looks to me as if Justice is creeping in slowly here and there which seems like a good thing to me :)