Monday, April 13, 2009


OK, I've had enough of hearing "Mr. Obama". He's the President. So, he's to be referred to as "President Obama" not Mr Obama. Unless people are referring to his father or brother, then Mr. Obama would be appropriate.

Maybe it's the way my parents raised me, or that I was a Boy Scout, or the over 20 years that I was in the Navy, but....Senators are called Senator Schmuckatelli, or at least the Honorable Mister Schmuckatelli. So, the President deserves the same courtesy and respect.

Perhaps some people are not aware of this etiquette. Perhaps some are purposefully trying to be disrespectful. But whatever the reason, it's still disrespectful and a breach of etiquette.


  1. Rich, I have asked this question to many of the TV stations in Milwaukee and I received the same answer. Proper titles for the U.S. President can be Mr. Obama, President Obama and President Bush or Former President Bush.

    I asked the question during Bush’s time as president and found out that the title is for life, which was a big question of mine after hearing President Clinton during Bush’s time.

    It is no different calling Mr. Obama while his is president than in the past! During President George W. Bush’s time they called him Mr. Bush on the news many times.

    I think you might just be noticing it now.

  2. Calling the President Mr Obama is equivalent to calling the Queen, Ms Mary.

    Perhaps technically "proper" but obviously disrespectful.