Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That's what I'm talking about :)


"We have turned the corner. No more looking in the rearview mirror. From this point forward, we will focus all of our energies on winning the future."

"He also was opposing a resolution _ whose final wording hadn't yet been set but was expected for a vote Wednesday _ in which Republicans would rename the Democratic Party as a "Nationalist Socialist Democrat" party. Steele and others said the party should focus its efforts elsewhere."

"I think it's stupid," Florida GOP Chairman James Greer said of the name resolution. "These are trying times. We need to be serious."

"Steele said the GOP will take on Obama with class and dignity, unlike the "shabby and classless way" Democrats took on Bush."

"The test of the sincerity of the chairman's words will be if he and the other GOP leaders stand up to the fringe elements of their party," Sevugan said. "Unfortunately, they have shown no willingness to do so."

Maybe they read my blog :)


  1. I disagree with Chairman Greer. We don't need to be serious, we need to be effective. If being effective means using humor combined with the truth, so be it. I guess I don't see the problem with speaking truth to power ("Nationalist Socialist Democrat" party, hee hee).

  2. "I guess I don't see the problem..."

    It's offensive and petty.

    But at least we can all agree that we need to be effective. But IMHO, petty name calling and so-called humor will only appeal to a relatively small group.

    Seems much more effective to take the high road.

  3. More effective to take the high road? Since the Nationalist Socialist Democrats went on offense with a screed void of class and dignity (and truth) they've captured both houses of Congress and the White House. It may not be nice, but how is that not effective?

  4. "More effective to take the high road?"

    Yes. Liberals proved it since they won both houses of Congress and the White House.

    "...how is that not effective?" They were very effective at painting conservatives as a bunch of intolerant haters.

    Compared to the intolerance of rich, anti-gay, gun nuts, that hate unions and women's rights....liberals successfully painted themselves as welcoming these groups and their moderate bretheren into their folds.

    If conservatives can take the high road and sincerely be tolerant of these views, then they have a chance.

    But continue to alienate and take petty intolerant pot shots at them, and conservatives will just dig a deeper whole to get out of.