Friday, May 1, 2009

Tax increases approved to pay for rail projects

"You want to keep the city of Milwaukee in the dark ages," said Rep. Pedro Colon, D-Milwaukee, to Republicans who criticized the rail proposals.

LOL, he may as well have said, "You guys are poopy heads...."

But seriously, I live in Pleasant Prairie and work in Downtown Milwaukee. I would love to use a train that could save me gas and money, where I could relax and read or blog. So why not modify the Amtrak for that? All we need to do that is to have the current Amtrak stop in PP or Kenosha. I bet me, my dad, and a couple buddies could build a train station for a cool $10M to $20million or about 10% of what the KRM would cost.

I just don't get why we don't just make the Amtrak stop out by the PP Rec Plex or thereabouts. Seems like a low cost solution that solves the problem.

But I must obviously be missing something.

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  1. The biggest problem with the Amtrack line - at least as I see it - is the fact that it would bypass most of the southern Milwaukee County suburbs, as it runs farther west than the proposed KRM line. Additionally, it's an issue of traffic - the Amtrak line is already very busy with 14 daily Amtrak trains and 20-25 daily freight trains. Add the KRM commuter trains to the mix, and that's a lot of trains on one track. The proposed KRM line isn't being used as heavily, so it'd be a logical solution.