Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm a Quitter!;_ylt=Av6BphkfZ26AEmjy5DJ4O14DW7oF

Reading this article reminded me of when I learned that quitting is not always the weak thing to do.

Here's the story: One summer my Dad was trying to teach my cousins (they were about 12 and 13 yo) how to water ski. But they'd quickly wobble and fall and they'd seem to give up way too easy. After my dad got very frustrated by this, it had now become my turn. I was only ten years old. If the older boys couldn't do it, then how the heck could I? But I did not want to let my Dad down.

As he handed me the tow rope, he said, "Whatever you do, don't let go." Those words were etched in my mind. So I gave that tow rope my best death-grip; I nodded to the boat and away we went. I was up :)

But about 30 feet latter I began to wobble to and fro and eventually I fell. But for some strange reason I still had my death grip, and I had some misguided hope that I'd pop out of the water on my skis if I would just hold on tight and not let go.

But then it soon became hard to breath, and then I felt seaweed on my face, and then a rock or two on my hands and forarms, and then I realized, "This is stupid." So I let go. I quit.

Ok, I'm wasn't that bright (I was ten). But I'm often still just as determined and I hold on way tooooo long.

The moral of the story for me, is that sometimes it's ok to let go (aka quit).

So I don't blame Shanna Moakler one bit for stepping down from the Miss CA pageant.

........but i could be wrong. i often am.

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