Thursday, July 16, 2009

Healthcare Is NOT a Right's-Plan-Will-Cost-Way-Beyond-1T-Ron-Paul-Says?tickers=%5Edji,%5EGSPC,pph,jnj,mrk,pfe,unh

If it's not a right, then what the heck is Congress doing? Absolutely baffling.......


  1. What the heck is Congress doing? They're fixing long term problems with Social Security and Medicare. By restricting and rationing health care, the problems with these two entitlements will die off, literally. As a bonus, the dead vote in droves for Democrats, so they got that going for them too.

  2. Health care is a right. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It should be treated like a utility, strictly regulated because the insurane companies have denied too many people coverage and have pulled the plug on those who thought they were covered. How can you think government beaurocrats would be worse?

  3. Any mouse,

    Life Liberty and the pusuit of Happiness are from the Declaration of Independednce. FYI: Our rights come from the Constitution, so please quote the correct document. If you can find it in there that is....

    Even if the DOI was relevant to this debate, Life goes on in Somalia w/o health care. Liberty will be just fine w/o healthcare. And happiness is not found in a hospital.

    FYI: Utilities are NOT a right. They are not for everyone. They are only for people that pay for them.

    How can I think that the Government would be worse than the insurance companies? The IRS, the DMV, the Federal Reserve, EPA, FDA, on and on...